Code Red Code


Code Red Code is a Boston-based consultancy providing web development and product management services to help grow your business. I can help you think through what solutions you need and lead the way in implementing the requirements once we've defined them.

Having worked with a range of partners from one-person startups to large media companies, I understand that each client's needs are unique and will work with you to develop and maintain the tools to make you successful.

My expertise ranges across a number of modern languages and frameworks including Ruby on Rails, React.js, and Ember.js, deployment and PaaS services like Chef, EngineYard, and Heroku, and testing tools like RSpec and Semaphore.


Full stack development for a top higher ed lead gen platform

Contract manufacturer database to enable hardware startups

Interface to visualize file sharing activity across the globe

Feature development for a startup focused on after school programs

Leading digital team for artwork services business

Develop tools for personal finance education platform


My experience is mainly in the Ruby programming language and the Rails framework, including most of the standard toolchain used by Rails applications like Git, PostgreSQL, HAML, and SCSS. I've also built and extended several client-side single page applications using React and the Ember.js JavaScript framework.

For product management and agile development, I am flexible and adaptive to the tools already used by the teams I work with. Among others I have extensive experience with Lighthouse, Jira, and Trello.


Get in touch at to set up a time to talk and discuss your needs.